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Criminal Justice Degrees in South Dakota

Guide to South Dakota Criminal Justice Schools

South Dakota criminal justice schools have options for all students. The state doesn’t have as many colleges or universities as some other states might boast, but it does offer plenty of opportunity to those who need it. If you take the time to check out all of the options that you have, you can find traditional colleges, technical and vocational programs, and even online criminal justice degrees to suit your career needs. The field of study that you choose is up to you, and no matter what you decide you can guarantee that you will find an educational program to teach you what you need to know.

Take online courses for a more flexible learning atmosphere. You can study at your own pace, in your own home, and whenever it’s convenient for you. Plus, online courses are often more affordable than traditional college classes. Of course, if you don’t want to take online courses but can’t afford to rearrange your life for school, you can also get a criminal justice degree from a vocational or technical school in the state to provide you with the education that you need.

South Dakota Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

South Dakota has an economy that is largely supported by manufacturing, agriculture, and business. However, it does have some opportunities for criminal justice professionals, as well. The industry itself is growing on a national level, and that will provide career options that are more plentiful into the future for students who are currently getting their education. The cost of living in South Dakota is not too bad, and the quality of life here is high. All in all, this state is not a bad choice for anyone who chooses a criminal justice career and education.

Criminal justice professionals can earn a decent living in South Dakota. Depending on the education that you receive and the field that you choose, you can expect to live a good life with your income as a criminal justice professional. Legal professionals will earn an average salary of $59,000 with lawyers coming in around $82,000 annually. For legal assistants, aides, and paralegals, the average annual salary is just under $40,000, which isn’t bad for what usually requires less than 2 years of education. Those who choose enforcement positions in protective services can earn about $33,000 annually or more, again depending on the position and the education that they have.

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