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Nursing Schools in South Dakota

Guide to South Dakota Nursing Degree Programs

Do you want to be a nurse? If yes, then you should consider enrolling in one of the many South Dakota nursing schools in order to reap the benefits of good education and access to high-quality training facilities. What’s more, many hospitals in South Dakota are also considered topnotch in terms of facilities and training programs. You may be interested in working at the Avery Heart Hospital of South Dakota, which specializes in cardiovascular diseases, and the Sioux Valley Hospital in Sioux Falls.

Nurses in South Dakota can also get support and assistance from various active nurse organizations in the state. Nursing students of South Dakota nursing schools can join the South Dakota Nurses Association, which provide graduating nurses with opportunities for advancement and employment. Registered nurses can join the South Dakota Nurses Association, which lobbies for better compensation and work environment for nurses in the state. Furthermore, this organization also established the South Dakota Nurses Foundation in order to ensure that nurses in the state can have access to the best education and hospital training available in the country.

South Dakota Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

During the last ten years, the state has already seen a rise in the number of nursing students. But despite the efforts of the state government, private institutions and many South Dakota nursing schools in curbing the shortage of nurses, the shortfall of nurses is still an impending problem in the state. In a couple of years, South Dakota will need to fill about 2,000 vacancies of nurses as a substantial percentage of the population will reach senior years.

People who are interested in taking up nursing degree but do not know where to get the funds to finance their nursing education may want to know that there are many scholarships and grants for students of South Dakota nursing schools. Some of the scholarships that you might want to look into are the Rebecca Crosswait Scholarship and the Rita H. Walsh Scholarship.

One good thing about the nursing profession is that it is recession proof. Even if there are many manufacturing companies that are cutting jobs all across the country, nurses and other health workers will not experience such a plight, especially because of the shortage of individuals who are willing to work as nurses. Aside from that, nurses also enjoy high base salary and additional benefits compared to other professionals. Nurses in South Dakota can expect a base salary anywhere from $42,872 to $62,383, depending on education and experience.

Additional Nursing Schools in South Dakota

Augustana College Nursing Department
Lake Area Technical Institute Practical Nursing
South Dakota State University College of Nursing
University of South Dakota Nursing Program

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