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Technology Degrees in South Dakota

Guide To Technology & IT Programs In South Dakota

The past ten years have given the general public some amazing pieces of technology that have made our lives easier and more efficient. Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be a member of the team of technology professionals that gave us the smart phone, the portable wireless hot spot, and the netbook? Are you obsessed with learning as much as you can about technology, because you think that those that are late to adopt these technologies are in danger of getting left behind? If you’re interested in a career that would allow you to design, test, and implement a technology that make businesses and organizations more successful, now is the time to think about continuing your education.

By choosing to continue your education in one of South Dakota’s accredited technology & IT programs, you are making an investment in your future. Technology professionals are in high demand, especially in industries where the competition is stiff, and the ability to save money and resources are required. When choosing your program, remember that it is no longer necessary to spend a lot of time and money getting your associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or certificate. Online learning programs make it easy to get the education that will make you competitive in today’s crowded job market.

South Dakota Technology & IT Job Outlook and Salary

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the demand for well educated technology and IT professionals is expected to increase much faster than the national average for all other occupations across the nation. Normal salaries for professionals in this area range between $35,210 and $74,720, depending on the level of experience you have and the specialty that you choose. Large South Dakota companies like Avera McKennan Hospital, Citibank and Daktronics Inc. depend on technological specialists to keep their digital information safe and easily accessible. With the right education, you will be able to help them design and implement new systems for providing more efficient services for their clients.

While four-year institutions have typically held the monopoly on higher degrees and certifications, there are also many online programs that make it possible for you to study information technology on your own terms. These programs are usually completed in less time and more affordable for the non-traditional student. Many of the technological vocational schools in the country now have distance learning options that allow you to have a more flexible class schedule.

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