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Special Education Degrees

Your online resource for Special Education Degrees and Career Information. Careers in special education are a special breed. It takes a certain kind of person to be able to work with those who are developmentally disabled in some capacity. They require extra care and teaching that goes above and beyond what a normal educator would offer. Training in special education requires typical educational training along with classes on how to handle disabled children and young adults, depending on the group that you prefer to teach. Sensitivity training is usually something that is required as additional training, along with instructional methods for teaching those who learn differently. Teachers will need to learn how to develop individualized education plans, or IEPs, for their students, as this is how most progress in special education is monitored. Teaching is a rewarding career as it is, but when people choose to get special education degrees and work with those who have learning problems or developmental disabilities, it can be an even more rewarding career path. Some graduates will pursue careers in teaching, while others might choose administrative or counseling positions that utilize their education.

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