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Your online resource for Speech Therapy Degree and Career Information. Speech-language pathologists are more commonly known as speech therapists. Their main career function is to work with speech issues and disorders related to this, including language, cognitive communication disorders, voice, swallowing, and fluency issues. About 48% of therapists work in the educational services industry. Almost every state requires a master's degree for licensure in this particular industry. Jobs in the future are expected to be favorable. While they might not be soaring, the speech therapy degree will provide jobs that are plentiful for those who need them. 47 states regulate the licensing requirements of speech language pathologists, requiring education from an accredited program and the right level of education as well. In addition to this, a passing score on a national exam is required, as is 300-375 hours of experience and 9 months of post-graduate professional experience. This is one medical career that requires a lot of commitment and dedication, but it can be done if someone has their sights set on success with a speech therapy degree.

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