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Your online resource for Sports Management Degree and Career Information. Sports management careers are expected to increase by about 23% through 2018, which is almost double the national average for occupational growth in a decade. Sports management degrees stem from a basic education in business management that is supplemented by necessary leadership, teamwork, and sports-related classes to create the ideal sports management candidate. Generally, people work their way up to this position, starting as a coach or manager of a smaller group of individuals before becoming successful in sports management at the professional level. Many graduates who obtain a sports management degree will pursue careers at the college level. Also, students can continue to law school to become a sports agent or to get a master's or doctorate level degree so that they can earn more money and find higher positions in sports management. The salaries for these professionals vary based on education, sports competition, and value of the teams or types of sports that are being managed. However, the national average is around $94,000 annually. Jobs can be found in sports communication, college athletics, professional sports, health and fitness clubs, and even sports agencies.

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