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Your online resource for Supply Chain Degrees and Career Information. Supply chain management careers are an integral part of many business operations. There is a chain of command in any business, and the supply chain operation is a critical link. The growth in this career is sitting around 7%, which is slightly lower than the national average for occupational growth through the year 2018. Supply chain degrees include classes in business, commodities, suppliers, marketing, pricing, economics, and other related courses and industries. Every degree will come with a requirement to learn the specific business that a professional will work in, which generally takes 1-5 years to complete. There are various jobs in supply chain management that are available to graduates holding supply chain degrees, including the Certified Purchasing Manager, Certified Purchasing Professional, Certified Professional Purchasing Manager, Certified Supply Chain Professional in private sector jobs, and the Certified Public Buyer and Certified Public Purchasing Officer in government positions. Many of the private sector designations are the same position, but different titles as referred to by the various regulating authorities in supply chain management. Further education will warrant higher level careers in this industry.

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