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Your online resource for Systems Engineering Degrees and Career Information. Systems engineering is a field of engineering that focuses on large and complex projects that are referred to as systems. The professionals who work in this field are responsible for coordinating and designing these systems, with a focus on customer satisfaction and needs being met. This process is interdisciplinary in nature, and provides a way to make sure that a system life cycle completes properly and allows for the desired goal or outcome to occur. Systems engineers will work on telephone systems, water and food distribution, electric systems, sewage systems, and other processes and systems that involve large networks of projects put together. The job is basically like putting a puzzle together because the engineers need to match all the pieces in order to make a complete process or project. Engineers will work with a variety of people in their careers and are paid quite well for their skills. Those holding systems engineering degrees earn an average of $75,000 annually depending on their education and experience. Systems engineering careers can be found in the public and private sectors, allowing for a variety of job opportunities for current professionals and future graduates.

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