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Your online resource for Teacher Certification Online and Career Information. Teacher certification online involves many different types of programs. Prospective students can consider degree paths such as bachelor's degrees in education, early childhood education, secondary education, instructional technology, and more. There are also master's teaching courses available to those who have already earned their bachelor's degree in their specific discipline or teaching area. Getting a master's degree will increase the potential earnings for teachers but are not required in many places. The teaching industry is going to see slightly above-average growth into the next decade simply because of the number of teachers reaching retirement age and the number of students growing. With teacher certification online, professionals can get the training that they need quicker and on their own schedules, allowing them to get in the classroom much sooner than other students. A typical program will last anywhere from 2 to 4 years, with master's programs taking an additional 1-2 years depending on the exact degree being obtained. Teacher certification online can lead to many rewarding positions within the public and private education sectors.

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