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Art & Design Degrees in Tennessee

Guide to Tennessee Art and Design Degrees

Do you possess a burgeoning creative talent? Then consider yourself lucky. If you do happen to have one, you might want to think about obtaining your degree in art and design. Tennessee is home to several notable colleges and art programs. 

The field that you choose as your major when you are studying for your degree in art and design will be the basis that your course load is designed around. It is mostly dependent upon your field of specialization. You will be required to undertake a basic core curriculum (i.e. math, science, English, etc.). Depending upon the school that you enroll in, you may be required to take additional courses in language or business. Dependent upon your major, you may have the opportunity to pursue a graduate degree in your field upon graduation.

Tennessee Art and Design Outlook and Salary

Most students who obtain their degree in art and design wind up becoming self employed. However, you do not have to pursue this route in Tennessee. The art industry in this state is forecasted to have an increase of 23% in job growth by 2012. This is especially true for careers in Fine Arts, Art, Graphic Design, and Interior Design. There are many museums in the state that are dedicated to a wide variety of topics, from country music to the civil rights movement.

After you have graduated with your degree in art and design, your salary will be dependent upon a number of factors. Several of these factors are your skill level, your geographic location, and your client base. As you increase your client base, you can expect your average annual income to increase as well. On average, a self employed artist makes around $62,000 a year. However, this is a shaky median considering all of the factors that go into it. There are other careers that you can go into, such as that of an art director, which will allow you to draw a steady, reliable income if you feel more secure going this route.

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