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Business Degrees in Tennessee

Guide to Business Schools in Tennessee

Tennessee is known for a lot of things, and business might not be the first thing that most people think of. However, the growth in jobs is lined up with the national average, and there are plenty of business schools and educational resources for those pursuing a business career. There are a variety of schools that offer MBA programs and other business degrees, giving students plenty of options for their career in Tennessee.

Additionally, there is a lot of growth in technology and new business, which includes everything electronic and high tech. Colleges are answering the call by creating the latest and greatest programs for students who choose these careers for their future. After all, without the proper education, the career cannot be successful. International business and human resource management are other hot careers and degrees that are obtained through business schools in Tennessee, giving a little bit of something for everyone to choose from. Those looking to fast track their career success can rely on online courses and technical schools that allow them to have a concentrated education so that they can get to work much quicker than with a typical four year education.

Tennessee Business Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook in Tennessee is quite good compared to many other states. While they aren’t a leader in business by any means, Chattanooga, Nashville, and Memphis offer plenty of opportunities for people who want them. These areas are growing strong in business and service, and by 2016, the local economy is expected to add more than 93,000 professional jobs according to the UT College of Business Administration. One of the hottest careers in Nashville? Agents for artists, performers and athletes who make around $96,000 annually.

Accountants and auditors in Tennessee can easily earn more than $50,000 annually for their skills, while sales managers can rake in more than $85,000 and chief executives will earn nearly $150,000 for their abilities. Financial managers average $77,000 annually while human resources managers can expect around $83,000 on average. These numbers are quite high considering the substantially low cost of living in Tennessee. Outside of the major metropolitan areas, there are many companies that call Tennessee home, creating plenty of business career opportunities for graduates as well. Whether you choose to work in the city or in the more rural areas, you can trust that you’ll make a decent career in business when you do so in Tennessee.

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