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Engineering Degrees in Tennessee

Guide to Tennessee Engineering Schools

The Volunteer State has plenty to offer people looking for engineering careers. With more than 85 different colleges, technical and vocational schools, and online programs to choose from, students pursuing an engineering education in Tennessee will have plenty of programs to choose from. The state is focused on creating more jobs in the economy in a variety of industries, including the engineering field. There are many different fields of engineering that you can specialize in, and each one will have its own job outlooks and prospective salary expectations to consider.

When you choose your engineering school, you can guarantee that you’ll be setting yourself up for a successful future so long as you take the time to find the right program and a reputable program to attend. Bachelor’s degrees and technical training can prepare you for many great engineering careers, while further education will only serve to increase your job prospects and potential earnings in your engineering career. You will have to choose which type of engineering you want to do, based on the type of career that you want and the prospective salary that you desire. Of course, you should make sure that you don’t choose a career based solely on your potential salary, but on what will suit you best.

Tennessee Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

The future of engineering in Tennessee is quite solid. The economy right now is stable, and is poised to grow more into the future. There are a variety of industries that the state is focused on increasing and promoting, and engineering is one of them. Nuclear engineers are the hottest commodity in Tennessee and earn the best income on average while the lower end of the spectrum will include agricultural, biomedical, and industrial engineering. However, these professions will still garner more than $60,000 annually on average.

Nuclear engineers averaged about $110,000 in 2008, while electrical engineers had an average salary of $80,000. Tennessee is big on electrical engineering, as well, which is why they earn so much money. Materials engineers and chemical engineers will earn around $87,000 on average, while the average going rate for the entire engineering industry is $87,900. Jobs are already plentiful and salaries already pay well for engineers in Tennessee. With future growth predicted, it’s only natural that job openings increase and pay scales rise over time. All in all, engineering in Tennessee is a great choice for people who want to pursue a career that they can count on for job security.

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