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Health Care Degrees in Tennessee

Guide to Tennessee Healthcare Schools

Tennessee has a lot to offer career-bound students who come to the state for education. When it comes to healthcare careers, there are plenty of different schools that can set you up for the career that you’ve always wanted in your life. You can find plenty of well-known colleges and universities in Tennessee that you can consider for your healthcare education, along with many technical schools, vocational programs, and online courses to get you the education in healthcare that you need. The options are seemingly endless and all yours to choose from. All that matters is that you take the time to find what works best for you, regardless of what that might be.

A typical college education might not be right for everyone, which is why the option of having online programs and technical schools is going to give everyone a better chance at getting their education. Healthcare is a very broad-reaching industry and includes everything from lab technicians to doctors to pharmacists and beyond. You need to make sure that you consider your exact chosen profession as well as the education that is required so that you can choose the best healthcare program in Tennessee for your needs.

Tennessee Healthcare Job Outlook and Salary

Tennessee is actually a surprisingly good place to work in the healthcare industry. While there are many different states that have world-renowned hospitals and top-rate medical facilities, Tennessee holds its own when it comes to medical facilities and the need for jobs and professionals to fill open positions. The state has a population that is growing regularly, creating the need for more healthcare facilities and leading to more jobs on a regular basis. The future is bright for healthcare professionals in Tennessee, no matter which exact niche they are trained in.

Tennessee sits right above the national average with its wages for healthcare professionals. In 2008, the average salary for technical and practitioner occupations was $60,110. This, of course, includes everything from technicians and therapists to surgeons and anesthesiologists, so you will need to focus in on your exact specialty to determine how much you can make with your healthcare degree. Everyone has different ideas of what they expect to earn, but taking the time to learn about what is being earned will help you to know what to expect. When it comes to certificate programs and lower levels of training, there are plenty of jobs that can be found in the healthcare support industry with little to no formal education required. These jobs average $25,000 a year in Tennessee, with the highest salaries being paid to occupational therapy and physical therapy assistants.

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