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Human Resources Degrees in Tennessee

Human resources degrees in Tennessee put graduates on the cutting edge of the growing field of human resources in the Volunteer State. Human resources schools in Tennessee are the place to earn a bachelor's degree in labor relations, human resources administration, and industrial administration. Online HR classes in Tennessee offer unique distance learning opportunities for those unable to attend traditional campus-based colleges and universities. Human resources schools in Tennessee that provide classroom settings are found primarily in the state's urban areas. HR schools in Tennessee offer additional studies leading to master's degrees in several career paths. Master's degrees can be earned in industrial and labor relations, human resources, and business administration, among others. While bachelor's degrees are typically required for entry-level human resources positions, master's degrees create upward mobility for those already employed in the field. HR classes in Tennessee typically include coursework in the principles of management, organizational structure, finance, accounting, labor relations, and collective bargaining. The position of compensation and benefits manager is a representative career path for graduates of both traditional and online human resources schools in Tennessee. According to a May 2009 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, there were an estimated 1,370 compensation and benefits managers in Tennessee with an annual median wage of $70,400. Similar careers for graduates of online HR schools in Tennessee include human resources managers, training and development managers, and employment, recruitment, and placement specialists.

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