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Trade & Vocational Schools in Tennessee

Guide to Tennessee Trade and Vocational Programs

If you are looking to get a jump start on your career, why not consider going through a vocational or trade program in Tennessee? That will cost far less than getting a college education, and afterwards you can jump straight into your career. There are a lot of different programs from which to choose, and you can opt for an online education or one with a physical institute. For your online opportunities, look at places like American Sentinel University, Baker College Online. If you prefer learning in the classroom, Tennessee offers many institutes, such as Chattanooga College, ITT Tech, Concorde Career College, High Tech Institute, Remington College, and Vatterott College.

The courses involved in a trade or vocational program will be based on the specialized studies that a person goes into. If you are looking into these schools, some common programs you might come across would be plumbing, photography, welding, agriculture, horticulture, or cosmetology. Not schools offer all programs, so you’ll want to look into an institute that is equipped for the type of work you want to go into. Most programs last for a minimum nine months and some go as long as three years. It all depends on the tasks associated with your future job.

Tennessee Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great job outlook for trade and vocational work in Tennessee. The population is growing, and with that always comes an expansion in the job market. You should have no trouble at all seeking employment after graduation. With that in mind, certain areas of the country and even of the state are going to have higher demands for certain positions. Highly populous areas will need technologically trained workers, while rural areas may need farmers more. Go where the jobs will be most abundant.

There is no real way to determine how much you will earn after your trade school education. There are so many careers that spawn from these institutes that it is hard to pinpoint an exact number. As a whole, an apprenticeship program will only allow people to make around $1,000 or $1,500 a month. Entry level positions may yield something more along the lines of $30,000 a year, depending on what you do. If you opt to go work on your own, your earnings will have almost no limit. It all depends on the clients that you gather along the way.

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