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Art & Design Degrees in Texas

Guide to Texas Art and Design Degrees

Do you have a creative talent that you want to develop? If you do, you should investigate the possibility of obtaining your degree in art and design. Texas is the home of several notable art institutions. You may want to consider researching Abilene University, ITT Technological Institute, Angelo State University, or the Art Institute of Texas. You can also investigate the art programs that are offered by community colleges throughout the state, or you can look into online and hybrid programs that will allow you receive your degree as well. You can attend class right on the computer, or you can physically go to a school. It is entirely up to you.

The technical and creative fields that a student can specialize in with a degree in art and design are widely varied. Your major should be chosen according to where your interests and passions lie. You should fully expect to be required to take a basic core curriculum. (This includes classes in math, science, and English.) You may also be required to take additional courses in other subjects according to what school you decide to attend. Upon completion of your degree, you may have the chance to pursue your chosen field of study at a graduate level if you so desire.

Texas Art and Design Outlook and Salary

Once you have received your degree in art and design, it will be time to look for a job. The art industry in Texas is forecasted to see a 26% growth in available jobs by 2012. Due to its wide, open landscape, Texas is a popular site for movies to be filmed at. For Graphic Designers and Photographers, this is an advantage. Many graduates become self employed artists. This number is estimated to be about 62%.

If you graduate with a degree in art and design, your salary will be dependent upon several factors. Among these variables are your skill level, your geographic location, and your client base. The average self employed artist makes around $60,000 a year. This is a very shaky median though. If you decide to employ yourself as an artist, your income will increase as your client base grows. There are other jobs available in the art field that will allow you to draw a steady income if you so prefer. For example, the average annual salary for Art Directors was over $83,000 in 2007. The wages of Multimedia Artists and Animators that held salaried positions remained around $61,010 for 2007.

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