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Cosmetology Schools in Texas

Guide to Texas Cosmetology Programs

Texas is a big state with loads of opportunities for a cosmetology education. Students can study from an array of schools, both online and offline, and there very well may be a program out there just for you. If you are looking for a certificate or diploma in cosmetology, you may want to check out Milan Institute of Cosmetology, Regency Beauty Institute, Southern Careers Institute, or Remington College. There may be reasons that will prevent you from being a student in the classroom though, and if so, you may want to look at a web based program through the Minnesota School of Business, Globe University, or Lincoln College of Technology.

The course work you have as a cosmetology student will be focused on a certain area of the field. That may be nail care, hair style, and even fashion if you delve into further degree pursuits. For the most part, people do not go beyond an associate’s degree for their education, and even the number of people in those two year programs is low. Most people go into a one year program for their training, after which time they end up with a certification that allows them to get a job.

Texas Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook is great for cosmetology. A number of jobs are expected to come open over the next few years as more businesses continue to develop in Texas. On top of that, there is a growing population, so more people are now out looking for services that you might be able to provide. If you combine all of that together, the result is nothing but greatness for you. Admittedly, there will be a lot of competition for higher paying jobs. Thus it is best that you work your way up the ranks as quickly as possible. The greater your experience, the greater the jobs you can get. It’s as simple as that.

The amount of money that you earn as a cosmetologist will be varying. The amount that you earn will you first star off will be lower than your pay after a few years of experience. This is because you will be able to develop a set of regular and well paying customers after awhile. Cosmetologists are similar to waitresses in that regard. You may also be able to earn commission, but that will only make you money if you do in fact sell products. On average, people make between $8 and $14 an hour, including tips and commission.

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