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Engineering Degrees in Texas

Guide to Texas Engineering Schools

They say that everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the educational resources and job markets that people have to work with. When you’re pursuing an engineering career, Texas is a great place to do it. Texas is one of six states that employ almost 40% of the country’s electrical engineers, and they offer a variety of educational resources for people who want to pursue an engineering career. Online programs, traditional colleges and universities and a variety of technical and vocational programs are yours to choose from when you decide to pursue engineering in the state of Texas.

Choosing the best program will be completely up to you, so make sure that you do your homework. Texas is a big state and has almost 200 different colleges, technical schools and other educational options for engineering students. In addition to that, there are a variety of online degree programs that you can choose from to get your engineering education. With a bachelor’s degree or technical education, there are many different career paths that you can follow. If you choose, you can further your education because a higher degree will elicit better job opportunities and higher paying jobs in the career that you have chosen.

Texas Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for engineering in Texas is quite optimistic. The state is growing and expanding, and has many state and private organizations that promote the engineering industry among others that are popular in the state. There is a high demand currently for those holding engineering degrees of all kinds, and the average salary is quite substantial for even the most basic engineering career. Future growth is going to be good for the engineering field, so any graduates or students who are considering an engineering degree can guarantee that work will be available whenever they have completed their education.

As far as the pay scale goes, the salaries are bigger in Texas, too. While they are actually comparable to other states in the U.S., they are offset by the lower cost of living in most areas of Texas compared to other states. Since Texas is an oil state, it’s not surprising that petroleum engineers make around $126,000 annually on average. Other engineers average about $95,000 annually, with computer hardware, electrical, and materials engineers making the most and environmental and industrial engineers making the least. However, these last two professions still manage to rake in over $80,000 annually, which definitely isn’t a bad salary for an engineer.

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