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Massage Therapy Schools in Texas

Guide to Texas Massage Therapy Degree Programs

Texas likes to do things on larger scales than other states. This state boasts the second highest population behind California. It is also the second largest state in the union behind Alaska. For those seeking degrees in massage therapy, the state offers several schools from which to select. Most schools offer classes in the urban areas of Dallas and Houston. However, some smaller cities provide training as well. The state runs from the shores of the Gulf of Mexico to the desert on the New Mexico border. The northern panhandle is part of the Plains region of the country. Much of the state revolves around agriculture and ranching, but not all.

Texas has the second largest economy behind California within the United States. Its economy ranks with Canada and India on output. The economy is diverse and can withstand downturns because of it. The economic engine runs on fuel from sectors such as commerce, technology, agriculture, energy, and mining. The state’s most abundant commodity is its low wage work force. It also provides many natural resources as well. Many large Fortune 500 corporations make their home in the urban centers near Austin, Dallas, and Houston. How can the Lone Star State make your massage therapy dreams come true?

Texas Massage Therapy Job Outlook and Salary

The state of Texas is a good opportunity those with massage therapy degrees. Most opportunities cling to the urban centers like Austin, Dallas-Ft. Worth, and Houston. However, smaller cities such as Amarillo and San Antonio create jobs as well. College towns are particularly attractive destinations. The state of Texas does regulate massage therapists within their borders through the state’s Department of Health, Board of Nursing. The state requires a therapist to pass the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork exam. They are also required to get additional education every two years to maintain their credentials.

According to the Texas Workforce Commission, the state’s need for massage therapists will grow by 27% over the next few years. This is higher than the national average of 20%. On average, the starting salary can range from $18,000 to $20,000 per year. After a few years, most therapists can expect to make around $31,000. This is below the national average of $34,900. The state offsets this with a lower cost of living. Therapists in the large urban centers will get higher fees than those in smaller cities. However, both will be much higher than fees in rural communities.

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