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Nursing Schools in Texas

Guide to Texas Nursing Degree Programs

People who want to pursue a career in nursing should start by looking for Texas nursing schools that can offer students the best training and education they can afford. Besides, it is really a good idea to study and work in the Lone Star State because there are many high caliber hospitals in this part of the country like the Citizens Medical Center, Doctors Hospital at Renaissance and the Scott and White Memorial Hospital. If you are the type of person who wants to work in small community hospitals, then you might want to consider Lake Whitney Medical Center, which has been named as one of the Top 100 Hospitals in the US.

You may also want to know that another benefit of working in Texas is its active and strong nursing community. Students of Texas nursing schools can benefit from joining the local student nursing association because it offers additional training and education as well as career assistance for undergraduates of nursing schools. The Texas Nurses Association is a community of registered nurses that upholds the value of nursing code of ethics as well as promotes the welfare of its members.

Texas Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

The nursing shortage in Texas is due to various reasons, which include the dwindling number of graduates from Texas nursing schools, aging clinical and classroom nurse instructors, and the aging population. According to estimates, Texas will need to fill about 70,000 full-time positions for registered nurses by 2020 if the state government will not do something about the deficit now.  Fortunately, the local government has earmarked $49.7 million in its budget to help promote nursing education in 2010 and improve training facilities in various schools and hospitals.

Since government and private institutions are encouraging people to enroll in Texas nursing schools, many companies and foundations provide financial support and scholarships for deserving students. Those who are interested in becoming nurses in the future can apply for Texas Professional Nursing Scholarships. Meanwhile, those who want to become vocational nurses can apply for Texas Vocational Nursing Scholarships.

It is also worth noting that the median base salary for nurses in Texas is higher than other places across the country. For instance, in Dallas a nurse can get an average base salary of $63,800, while in Houston the average pay is $64,500. Meanwhile, the median base salary in Fort Worth is around $61,000. This may be slightly lower than other key cities in Texas, but this figure is still higher compared to other cities in the country.

Additional Nursing Schools in Texas

Amarillo College Nursing Division
Baylor University: Louise Herrington School of Nursing
Patty Hanks Shelton School of Nursing
Texas A&M College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Nursing

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