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Teaching & Education Degrees in Texas

Teaching in Texas is a rewarding field for thousands of men and women. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 707,330 people employed in the education, training and library field in Texas in May 2009. The largest groupings within the field of education included teachers, teacher assistants, special education and special needs teachers. A shortage of teachers is now occurring in Texas, according to the Texas Education Agency, and those wishing to teach in Texas are required to possess at least a bachelor's degree, be fully certified by the TEA and demonstrate competency in the core academic subject area. Teaching degrees in Texas consist of an academic major as well as teacher training coursework. A bachelor's, master's or doctorate degree can qualify. Texas teaching degrees are earned on a campus or online depending on the student's interest. Online teaching degrees in Texas are a convenient way to learn while not being required to attend classes. Both online and campus-based teaching programs in Texas can help you receive a teaching certificate. The certificate is earned upon completion of appropriate testing for the subject and grade level to be taught. Representative wages for teacher positions in Texas include $47,460 for kindergarten teachers and $52,270 for secondary teachers, according to May 2009 data from the BLS.

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