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Trade & Vocational Schools in Texas

Guide to Texas Trade and Vocational Programs

Texas is a big state with an immense amount of vocational and trade education opportunities. If you are looking to get some sort of certification in this state, you should have no issues at all. You can find a variety of programs through places like Altierus Career College, Texas Careers, and South Texas Vocational Technology Institute. There are other physical institutes sprinkled throughout the state, but you might also look into the programs made available online. Through the programs offered by Baker College Online and American Sentinel University, you can get an entire education directly through your computer. This is a convenience that many people are taking up nowadays as the dependency on technology continues to grow at a rapid speed.

The amount of schooling that you have to go through with a trade school is far less than that of a typical university program. You can get certified in certain positions, like cosmetology, in less than nine months. Other, more complex and technical jobs require up to three years of training. Some schools still require students to go through core curriculum, like math, English and science. Others jump straight into training. For some jobs, you might have to go through an apprenticeship program before you can begin work. That may take an additional year or two.

Texas Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

There should be an abundance of jobs waiting for you once you complete your education. Since blue collar work is mostly found at entry level positions in companies, the requirements to work are lenient and the amount of workers to fulfill jobs imply is not sufficient to meet demand. You should be able to get right in. Some positions may require you to go through additional training, at which time you might end up seeking a bachelor’s degree in your field.

Even with a large number of jobs around, it is hard to say exactly what you might make in yours. For example, working as something like an underwater welder will allow you to earn $100,000 a year or more, but plumbing may only pay $40,000 a year. Typically, jobs that pay more require more education, only because the tasks associated come with higher risks or more difficulties. As mentioned before, you might look at getting a college education if you want to get a higher paying job. If you wish to be self employed though, the amount of money you might make will have almost no limit.

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