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Your online resource for Tourism & Travel Degrees and Career Information. Travel and tourism are hot industries right now. As the economy continues to grow and international crises are deterred, travel demands will increase. However, in times of economic peril and international conflict, the need for travel and tourism professionals will shrink. Job opportunities cannot be as readily predicted as they can in other industries, but are expected to remain stable throughout the coming decade. Travel agents often start as receptionists, but a formal vocational education in travel and tourism will always serve to create better job opportunities and more potential advancement in the future. Travel agents have to be well organized, detail oriented, and accurate. They should also have good customer service skills and experience using computer booking systems and online reservation programs. There are bachelor's and master's degrees available in travel and tourism for those who seek them, as well as vocational courses and certificate programs that can be taken to achieve tourism and travel degrees. Careers are available outside of becoming a travel agent and include: tour guides, working in spas, convention centers, casinos or resorts as well as related careers.

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