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Trade & Vocational Schools

Trade schools fill the gap between on the job training and university. Trade schools placemore emphasis on practical skills rather than academic prowess. Trade schools vary in their offerings, some might specialize in technician training such as medical, automotive, or construction training. Some might argue that there is no replacement for learning on the job, but that is not necessarily the best for you or your employers.

Trade schools can offer a safe learning environment with structured lessons and a recognized well considered curriculum. Trade schools also offer qualified teachers and a recognized diploma, degree, or certificate at the end. Learning on the job can do none of these. As well as not having a recognized qualification at the end, your work colleague may not be particularly knowledgeable in all areas, or may not have the time to teach you as much as you would like.

What Training Will I Receive?
The range of programs available and subjects is vast. You might choose to opt for certification within a matter of months then return when you have the time and finances for further training. You might decide to study for an associate's degree in two years to give yourself a head start. Most technical schools place heavy emphasis on practical skills, so whether you want to become an electrician, dental technician, software technician, mechanical technician, or any other type of technician, you can be sure that there is a program to suit your needs.

Vocational Schools