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Art & Design Degrees in Utah

Guide to Utah Art and Design Degrees

In order for you to properly develop your creative talents, you should obtain your degree in art and design. Utah is the home of several colleges that will be worth your time and effort to investigate. You are guaranteed to find a school or art program that will meet your educational needs. Several of the more notable schools in Utah include the Sundance Institute, Weber State University, Westminster College, or the Art Institute of Utah. There are also degree programs through many community colleges and online and hybrid programs to look into to if your schedule will not allow you to attend classes full time.

The content of the courses that you will be required to take is going to be dependent upon your major. A student who is pursuing their degree in art and design will be required to take a basic core curriculum. A basic core curriculum most often consists of classes in English, math, and science. Depending upon the institute you choose to attend, you may be required to take additional classes in language or business. All of the classes you take as an upper classman will be devoted to your major.

Utah Art and Design Outlook and Salary

The art industry in Utah is expected to have a job growth of 34.85% by 2012. This means that there will be a plethora of jobs available to students after their graduation. Film, Fashion Design, Graphic Design, and Multimedia Animation are among some of the most popular career choices in Utah right now. The technology portion of the art industry in Utah, specifically the fields of Multimedia Art and Animation, employ roughly 87,000 people across the country. Almost 62% of students who receive their degree in art and design go on to become self employed artists. With the expected growth of the art industry in Utah, these students should have few challenges when it comes to building their client databases.

If you choose to go for your degree in art and design, your income expectations are going to be hard to estimate. Most self employed artists make around $60,000 a year. There are many variants that affect this average, and it is a shaky median for reference. If you do become a self employed artist, you will find that your average annual income will increase as you build your client database over time.

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