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Cosmetology Schools in Utah

Guide to Utah Cosmetology Programs

Utah only has one school that you can go to for an education in cosmetology, but there are three different locations available in the state. You could choose to attend Marinello Schools of Beauty in Layton, Ogden or Provo. The Layton branch offers the most educational opportunities, but you can get a sound education from any of them. With all of that said, have you ever tried getting a degree program online? Indeed, you have the option nowadays to earn an entire degree right from the convenience of your internet connection. If a program like that interests you, consider going someplace like Globe University, the Minnesota School of Business, or Lincoln College of Technology.

When you go through training to become a cosmetologist, you can choose a short, nine month program, or a two year program to earn an associate’s degree. After you go through either, you will eventually have to go through some sort of exam to get a license in Utah. Once you receive a license, you will apply for jobs accordingly and then eventually get training from your new place of employment. There you will learn just what it will take to work within the confines of the company, gaining training on the products and techniques that they utilize on a daily basis.

Utah Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

The job outlook for the state of Utah is wonderful in terms of the amount of jobs opening up for cosmetologists. You might be able to correlate that to a few different factors, but the main one is simply a growth in the population. More people are born and grow up, and that sparks a higher demand for services overall. Combine this with a growing need for beauty and strong physical presence, and you have the makings for a great expansion in the future. You are coming in at just the right time.

What you earn in the field of cosmetology is entirely your choice. You are the only person that can increase the number of tips you make and their respective amounts. Granted, you need to have a good set of clients to work with, so if you can, try to get a job at an upscale salon. Your base pay may be better there, and your tips should be higher and more frequent. Most people make $10.25 an hour after tips and commission, but you could pull off more than that under the right circumstances.

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