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Nursing Schools in Utah

Guide to Utah Nursing Degree Programs

If you are one of the many people who want a career in nursing, then you probably have already looked into the entrance requirements at several Utah nursing schools. It is really not surprising that a lot of individuals are interested in working as nurses in Utah because the place is beautiful and peaceful and there are many hospitals in the state that are known for good working conditions and excellent healthcare services. The University of Utah Hospitals and Clinics, Valley View Medical Center in Cedar City, Logan Regional Hospital in Logan, and Castleview Hospital are just some of the institutions that come to mind when talking about top notch medical centers and hospitals in the state.

Many people are inclined to take nursing programs in Utah nursing schools and even practice their profession as nurses in the state because of the strong and supportive nursing community in Utah. The Utah Nurses Association is an organization of registered nurses that aims to promote better working conditions for health workers and the improvement of nurses as professionals through training and continuing studies.

Utah Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

Utah is not spared from the nursing shortage that is threatening to explode in the country in the next decade. In fact, studies show that Utah is the third most likely to be affected by the shortfall in nursing professionals. Experts believe that if the government and the local community will not do something about the problem now, the nurse shortage in the state could double. Of the many causes of the nursing deficit, the ones that can be addressed by the state government include the aging nurse instructors and low number of graduates from Utah nursing schools.

One of the moves that private and government institutions have made to address the shortage of nurses is to make financial aid and grants more accessible to students majoring in nursing in Utah nursing schools. Residents of Utah who are interested in becoming professional nurses should consider getting Utah Nurses Foundation Grant-In-Aid Scholarships to help finance their education. In order to qualify for such grant, students should agree to become a member of the Utah Nurses Association within eighteen months after graduation.

In order to encourage nurses to practice and stay in Utah, many hospitals have adjusted the pay rates and benefits of nurses to make them more competitive. Apart from signing bonuses, nurses in Utah can receive $50,000 to $56,000 yearly. Head nurses are given $58,000 to $63,000 annual base pay.

Additional Nursing Schools in Utah

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