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Accounting Schools in Virginia

Guide to Virginia Accounting Degree Programs

The state of Virginia has absolutely no shortage of accounting degree programs. Sprinkled throughout the state, you can find a ton of different places to start your career.  There are other online degrees open as well, but those three schools have the most popular programs out at the moment.

Virginia’s requirements for courses are similar to those of the whole nation. When you start out your degree pursuits, you will probably have to get the basics out of the way. That will be the courses like math, science and history, which are required no matter what you study. After you get through those and some introductory courses, you will start to get into classes that actually pertain to your major. Those will include subjects like cost accounting, personal finance, economics, statistics for business, auditing, managerial accounting, and much more.

Virginia Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

There is a great job outlook for positions in accounting. This comes from a variety of factors, but all of them have led to a high demand for workers. A growing economy is one of the contributors as more businesses are popping up and in need of people to run their finance departments.  You can find work on your own in a self-employed situation, or you may be more interested in a position with the government or a nonprofit organization. Regardless of where you want to work, you can bet that the demand will be there.

The amount of money that you earn will be determined by the kind of work that you do. Some places can afford to pay their accountants more because they simply have more money to expend. The government has the largest sources of funds, so some of their employees make as much as $70,000 a year. Others might only make $50,000 a year working for organizations with smaller budgets. Starting out, you can’t expect a high pay. $33,000 may be the salary you look to for that first year or so. After that, the sky is the limit to your financial success, and you will have to be the one that puts for the effort to succeed.

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