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Business Degrees in Virginia

Guide to Business Schools in Virginia

Virginia is actually named the #1 state for business by Forbes Magazine. It is home to one of the busiest airports in the country, Washington Dulles, and also the fifth largest port, Hampton's Road. Business schools abound here, and can be found in Alexandria, Chesapeake, Richmond, Arlington, or Ashburn. Business administration and management degrees are the most common choices for students here, but there are many other popular careers as well. Business systems degrees can provide you with skills to land the IT job of your dreams, while accounting and finance degrees can lead to impressive careers in the financial services industry within Virginia.

Popular industries include international business and trade, administration, finance and accounting, and business and operations management. These careers can provide a lucrative income for all business school graduates while allowing them to get more from their work with the low living costs. There are tax incentives in place for new business, but with the prime location that Virginia has and the low operational and living costs, it really isn't necessary because so many businesses already find the state desirable for their business needs.

Virginia Business Job Outlook & Salary

Accounting careers have an average annual wage of around $50,770 annually, while business and financial management professionals earn an average of $70,000 each year. Management analysts can rake in over $90,000 annually, while other analysts will earn between $65,000 and $80,000 respectively, depending on the position, education, and experience involved. This added to the seriously low cost of living in the state of Virginia means that anyone can find a comfortable living in a business career here, even on the low end of the salary range. It's surprising that salaries this high are accompanied by such low living costs, but that is what makes Virginia THE place to be for business.

Working in business in Virginia doesn't limit you to working in Virginia. That's the great thing about the location. If you prefer, you can find jobs in D.C., Maryland, and other areas nearby where you can make the most of your business career in an environment that is more suitable for you. It is obvious that you want to go where the opportunities are greatest, and when you have a tri-state area to choose from, there are definitely going to be more opportunities than there would be in other locations. Business schools can be found online or around the state and offer education for associate, bachelor, and MBA degrees.

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