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Cosmetology Schools in Virginia

Guide to Virginia Cosmetology Programs

Even though you may have a school nearby you to study cosmetology in, have you ever considered getting a degree online? Although hands-on training is a big plus, sometimes you might just learn better on your own. You can get the same training over the computer as you would in the classroom, but it can be done at your convenience. To get this sort of education, consider going to a school such as Globe University, the Minnesota School of Business, or Lincoln College of Technology. If a traditional program still seems like a better choice for you, you can look at the following schools in the state of Virginia: Virginia School of Massage, Empire Beauty Schools, or Miller-Motte Technical College.

In Virginia, you will have to complete a minimum of nine months worth of training to be a licensed cosmetologist in the state. The training can be extended to as much as two years, which would allow you to get your associate’s degree in cosmetology. Some higher end jobs will ask for that, or at the very least it may give you a leg up on your competition. After you are hired at some place of employment, you will be able to get the remainder of your training. That will just be a one to two week process where you get better acclimated with that company specifically.

Virginia Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

So, you want to know if you will even be able to find a job once you get out of training, right? Well, all signs point to yes. The industry is expanding, and your chances of gaining employment are growing accordingly. There are more people on the planet in general nowadays, so that is one factor in the increasing demand. On top of that, there is an overall need to be pretty or handsome in the current society, and that drives up the demand for people in the beauty industry.

As the demand grows in the industry, so could your pay. The average hourly rate in this job sector is $10.25, but that takes into account a lot of entry level jobs where people have not yet secured a good set of customers. Indeed, the more people like you, the more they will tip you and by products from you. Either way, you earn money. Try to establish bonds with your customers from day one, because it is the repeats out there that often pay the most money.

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