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Culinary Arts School in Virginia

Guide to Virginia Culinary Arts Degree Programs

Is cooking your passion? Do you love to cook just to see how creative you can get? Why let your talents go to waste? It is probably time that you got the skills and training you need to polish those natural culinary talents you have. Virginia has a variety of different schools that offer a culinary arts degree programs. National College, and Culinary Institute of Virginia have an array of programs that might help your realize your career dream. All of these schools offer similar programs, with some having more than others. Some deal with the business side of the culinary arts, while the Culinary Institute of Virginia offers more in depth training for chefs, pastry chefs, etc.

When you go into your degree program, you’ll notice that there are many different classes to choose from. That is because culinary arts covers a broad range of subject matter. You may be looking more towards a cooking side of restaurant work, or perhaps you just want to be a manager. There are courses out there that tune into those different desires and accommodate them. You will always have to take the basics, like math, science, and English, so just be prepared for that along the way.

Virginia Culinary Arts Job Outlook and Salary

The overall outlook for those who are going into culinary arts is positive and is expected to remain on the rise for some time in the future. Recently the demand for skilled chefs and those who wish to manage has been increasing as it seems that more and more people are deciding to eat out. The chaos of the modern day work force has led people to flee from their kitchens and into the arms of restaurants throughout the world. You can use this as a cue to get a degree in culinary arts as there is a promising amount of opportunities coming available.  

There are many different factors that may influence how much you make in this field. The average amount of money you may see when you first start working is around $35,000 a year. You may, however, find a more profitable career as you advance to work as a sous chef or executive chef. Managerial positions come with their own pay increases as well, with food and beverage directors making the most money in the field. Take into consideration that it is more important to first choose the field of culinary arts that you feel will make you most happy. Then look at the money.

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