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Engineering Degrees in Virginia

Guide to Virginia Engineering Schools

Virginia not only has nearly 100 great engineering schools of its own, but it is also very close to Washington, D.C. and Maryland, allowing you access to many different educational opportunities when you are looking to get your engineering degree. You can find traditional college engineering programs, vocational and technical schools, and even online courses to get your engineering degree in Virginia, no matter what specialty you’re considering. Choosing a school isn’t difficult and with so many options you are sure to find what you need with ease.

Virginia’s engineering careers are hot, and the degree programs are highly promoted because of this. Make sure that you check with state and local resources to see what types of scholarships and financial aid are available to engineering students. These funds are sponsored by the state as well as private engineering companies with a special interest in graduates that come out of engineering programs. The job future is strong and the education options are many in Virginia. If you need something more flexible and convenient, you can consider online education for your needs, as well.

Virginia Engineering Job Outlook and Salary

Virginia has a relatively low cost of living compared to Maryland and Washington, D.C. which are right next door. That leads the way for many people to commute to work in these areas while calling Virginia home. However, for people who live elsewhere in the state or who don’t want to commute to these other cities, there is plenty of engineering work to be found in Virginia. Both now and into the future, engineering jobs will remain strong, offering people a chance to get the career that they have always wanted. Plus, the jobs pay fairly well compared to the rest of the country.

On average, an engineer’s salary will be around $98,000 depending on exactly what they do. There are dozens of different types of engineers, and each one has a different going rate when it comes to salary. In Virginia, which is known for its petroleum and nuclear engineers, these jobs will garner about $103,000 annually. Computer hardware engineers are riding the technology wave, as well, earning right about $100,000 annually. Also, because of the proximity to the nation’s capital, there is a great aerospace industry in Virginia, with aerospace engineers earning $103,000 annually on average, as well. On the low end of the scale are other engineering careers that average between $70,000 and $79,000 annually, which is still a successful income.

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