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Law & Justice Degrees in Virginia

Guide to Virginia Law and Justice Degree Programs

The state of Virginia can offer you many options for getting your law and justice degree. This state moves from the Atlantic Ocean in the East to the heights of the Appalachian Mountains in the west. The land gently rolls throughout most of the state. There are large urban concentrations around the Washington DC metro area of the north and Richmond in the south east. Smaller cities can be found in and around the state. But much land is still contained in rural communities or near small towns. All of this translates to diverse options for those with law and justice degrees.

Schools can be found in many parts of the state offering law and justice degrees. Virginia Commonwealth University can be found in the state capital of Richmond. Other options include George Mason in Fairfax and Shenandoah in Winchester. Potential students can find degrees from associates to masters and above. They can take the long leap the entire way or take it by steps. Jobs can be found at different levels and most people can work while pursuing your next degree. Virginia can provide you with a great place to learn and live. From the beautiful mountains to the rolling hills to the raging sea, the state provides a beautiful place to learn and live.

Virginia Law and Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Virginia gives its inhabitants a large diversity of options for those with law and justice degrees. To get an idea of what the state offers, take a look at what a police officer will experience. This state’s diversity of rural and urban areas gives officers many options. City officers, county sheriffs, state troopers, and forest rangers contribute to this job category. The feds also provide opportunities from Washington to the mountains of the Shenandoah Valley. Officers can find work protecting communities or doing investigative work. They can be responsible for large areas or small urban blocks.  

In the state Virginia, the need for law enforcement officers is expected to be higher than the rest of the nation. According to the Virginia Employment Commission, their need will grow by 17% within the next decade.  On average, the starting salary can range from $31,000 to $34,000 per year. After a few years, most officers can expect to make around $44,000. The range of salaries over the state can differ greatly however. The large urban areas around Washington DC and Richmond will have higher average wages than the rural communities. Federal agencies will offer better wages as well.

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