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Nursing Schools in Virginia

Guide to Virginia Nursing Degree Programs

Do you want to become a nurse? Well then, you should consider taking your nursing degree in Virginia nursing schools. For one, you will surely like to stay in Virginia because there are many top hospitals in the state where you can build your career as a registered nurse. Some of the hospitals that are included in the Top 100 Hospitals in the US can be found in Virginia, these include the University of Virginia Medical Center, NOVA Fairfax Hospital, Virginia Beach General Hospital, and Martha Jefferson Hospital, among others.

For a satisfying career in nursing, you also need the support of your peers. In Virginia, the nursing community is active in promoting the welfare of the nursing industry. The Virginia Nurses Association is serious in advancing the welfare of the nursing profession in the state, while the Virginia Nursing Students’ Association offers students of Virginia nursing schools mentoring programs and access to educational resources, training tools and leadership opportunities that are needed by future nursing professionals in Virginia.

Virginia Nursing Job Outlook and Salary

Choosing nursing as a profession is something that you should consider carefully, primarily because the potential of having a satisfying and lucrative career in nursing can be overwhelming. For one, the shortage in nurses in the coming years is also a problem in the state. This means, hospitals will surely continue to hire nurses regardless of the state of the economy. Moreover, the aging population in Virginia is increasing, so the need for health professionals is expected to rise in the coming years.

Getting a nursing degree in Virginia nursing schools can be quite expensive. However, not having ample cash to pay for your tuition should not discourage you from pursuing your dream of becoming a professional nurse. Many foundations and institutions in the state are sponsoring grants and scholarships for deserving students of nursing. If you are a high school senior and you are planning to pursue a nursing degree in one of the accredited nursing schools in Virginia, then you might want to consider applying for Virginia Nursing Scholarships.

Another reason why you should consider completing your studies in any of the Virginia nursing schools and eventually starting your career in the state is due to the good working environment in the many hospitals in the area. Moreover, the base pay of staff nurses in Virginia is comparable to other cities and towns in the country. Here, a nurse can receive an average of $60,600 annual base pay, plus bonuses and other benefits for experienced nurses.

Additional Nursing Schools in Virginia

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