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Trade & Vocational Schools in Virginia

Guide to Virginia Trade and Vocational Programs

Getting a full blown college degree in the present day economy isn’t exactly ideal. Tuition alone can cost a small fortune, and the time it takes to go through a full degree program could be spent already out in the work field. If you can afford to get a college education, then great, but if that isn’t an option, you might want to look into a trade or vocational school in Virginia. Some popular options include Altierus Career College, Keller Graduate School of Management, The Art Institutes, Fortis College, the Advanced Technology Institute, and ECPI COT. For a less traditional program, you might look into the options offered online through Baker College Online or American Sentinel University.

Virginia has a lot to offer, and that includes courses. You can choose from a variety of courses once you get into school, and all of them will be linked to the focus that you choose. Some of those may include plumbing, masonry, photography, or culinary arts. The programs are designed to give hands on training that makes you ready for the specifics of the job. Most of these programs last one or two years, but some can go to three.

Virginia Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

Once you complete your training, you probably want to know if any jobs will be available for you. Luckily, most blue collar work is prevalent even in a downtrodden economy. You should have no issues at all in finding employment. However, some areas of the state may have a higher demand for certain positions. Thus you might have to commute to where the jobs are. As the population grows, more jobs will naturally come available. Seek out opportunities right when you graduate as they should be rather accessible.

As for what you might make after trade school, that will be the result of the line of work you get into. Some jobs naturally pay more than others because they require more skill. Something that is particularly complicated or has a low number of available workers will yield a higher pay. For a general reference, the longer you stay in school, the more money you might make. A masonry worker could earn $70,000 in some areas. A cosmetologist will be lucky to make half that. Some people decide to open their own business after school, and with the right clients to back you, the earnings there will be endless. It’s all a matter of dedication.

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