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Your online resource for Visual Communication Degrees and Career Information. Visual communication degrees are in popular demand right now. This field is growing quickly and creating many different job opportunities for professionals who choose this career path. The field is focused on how information is interpreted and presented, and is very closely related to the graphic design industry. Visual communication, however deals more with two-dimensional imaging and web design and usability, which is a very big business right now. This form of media communication combines drawing, typography, and illustration and establishes a direct relation to advertising and marketing, which require the use of visual communication to get the job done. Students will learn about these elements, as well as how to analyze and interpret visual images and elements. Usually, a two-year degree or four-year degree is pursued by students for the best chances at career success. Entry level workers can earn upwards of $35,000 starting out and management professionals with extended experience have been known to average more than $100,000 annually for their skills. Visual communication degrees lead to careers in advertising, design, and other areas of media and communications.

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