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Accounting Schools in Washington

Guide to Washington Accounting Degree Programs

If you can fight through the chill of a Washington winter, then you should be well equipped to get a degree in accounting through one of the state’s many degree programs. There are a lot of schools to choose from, but some that may be of interest to you are ITT Tech, Charter College, Argosy University, Golden Gate University, and Everest College. You can take all of your courses and earn your entire degree right on the internet.

To earn your accounting degree in Washington, you will be required to take certain courses. Some colleges may request that you take a couple of semesters of a foreign language on those of the core curriculum before you can graduate. Abiding by this will lead you to your degree. Along the way, you may take courses like auditing, management fundamentals, personal finance, cost accounting, communication for accountants, and others. Take the chance to use up some of your electives to formulate a minor. That will look good on your resume as it will show a level of expertise in another field that interests you.

Washington Accounting Job Outlook and Salary

The amount of jobs out there for accountants is on the rise. The economy is growing, and with that has come an expansion in the amount of new businesses that have opened up. You can find an array of places to work for because everyone is now in need of a good finance department. Recently, legislation was passed that put stricter requirements in place for financial reporting. Any event of fraud will be seen as the responsibility of the chief executive of the company.

There are a lot of different numbers that you may hear with regards to how much you could earn as an accountant. That is because there are a lot of different positions you could hold within the field, and some employers pay significantly more than others. Looking just at job experiences, you might make between $33,000 a year and $45,000 a year with a degree in accounting for starting pay. After twenty years in the field, that may increase to $40,000 a year and $56,000 a year. Earnings beyond that are available in contracted work and work in the government.

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