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Art & Design Degrees in Washington

Guide to Washington Degrees in Art and Design

If you have a passion for creating works of art or if you have a desire to help preserve priceless, antique works of art, then you will want to obtain your degree in art and design. Receiving your degree will allow you to develop your skills. Washington has several colleges and universities to choose from when it comes to educational opportunities in art. You may want to consider looking into Central Washington University, Clarke College, Cornish College of the Arts, or ITT Technical Institute. You can also obtain your degree through a variety of online and hybrid programs. These can be ideal solutions if your schedule will not permit you to attend classes full time.

The classes that you will be required to take as you obtain your degree in art and design will vary according to your major. You can be expected to have to take a core curriculum of classes, which will include courses in math, science, and English. Occasionally a university may also require you to take a foreign language courses as part of your basics. The more you progress in your studies, the more you classes will be devoted to subjects that apply to your particular chosen field of study. Upper classman courses will vary according to your major.

Washington Art and Design Outlook and Salary

After you have received your degree in art and design, you will be able to select from any number of careers that are within the scope of the major you studied. These jobs can range from that of a Graphic Designer to that of a Photographer. In Washington, you have promising prospects for landing a job right out of college. By 2012, Multimedia Artists and Animators are expected to see a 32.7% increase in the amount of jobs available in their field. Art Directors and Interior Designers are expecting to see 30.7% and 20% increases respectively.

Students who graduate with a degree in art and design tend to become self employed artists. The number of graduates who choose this career path is estimated to at 60%. The average salary for a self employed artist is, on average, around $60,000 a year. This is a sketchy median. Your skills, client base, and geographic location on are going to play influential roles in how high your income will be. However, as a self employed artists, the more your customer base increases, the more you can expect to see your annual income rise.

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