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Criminal Justice Degrees in Washington

Guide to Washington Criminal Justice Schools

Washington criminal justice schools aren’t too difficult to find. They’re not nearly as plentiful as they might be in other states, but there are a handful of traditional colleges and universities to choose from. You can also choose to take classes at technical and vocational schools that are available in the state or through online courses, which can provide more accessible and affordable learning for everyone. This is going to be your choice, but no matter what you choose you can trust that Washington criminal justice degrees will provide you with the education that you need to get the career you’ve always wanted.

Criminal justice programs have many different specialty focuses. You can choose any of them that interest you because it’s your career. Make sure that you consider your needs and desires so that you get the best educational options that there are. With your degree, you will be able to start your career on the right path in no time at all. If you choose an associate degree or certificate, you can find many great careers that will provide you with success. If you want higher careers or more chances for a better living, you will want to pursue bachelor’s or master’s degree programs to get the most education that you possibly can.

Washington Criminal Justice Job Outlook and Salary

Washington state has a pretty safe economy. The state did see some trouble during the economic recession, but it has bounced back quicker than most thanks to the diverse economy that provides many different sources of income for the state. Criminal justice careers abound here, and there is plenty of potential for future growth, as well. Anyone pursuing an education in criminal justice can trust that they’ll find the careers that they have been looking for if they choose to work in Washington.

Salaries for criminal justice professionals in this state are quite comparable to other areas of the Pacific Northwest. Legal professionals can earn an average of $82,000 with lawyers earning just over $110,000 annually and legal assistants and aides garnering about $50,000 for their skills. Other professions will vary, depending on your education and chosen profession. If you want careers in enforcement, you can expect to earn between $40,000 and $60,000 on average depending again on the education and position that you hold. All in all, a professional career in criminal justice in Washington can prove to be a good career choice for anyone, and there are plenty of educational options to choose from.

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