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Health Care Degrees in Washington

Guide to Washington Healthcare Schools

Washington state has many different healthcare programs to consider when you are looking for a post-secondary degree. Whether you want to become a surgeon or if you’re just looking for a technical position or nursing career, you can guarantee that there is a program that will suit your needs. You simply need to take the time to find the available programs and see what they have to offer you. There are dozens of traditional colleges and universities in the state along with a variety of technical, vocational, and community college courses in healthcare education. If you’re looking for convenience and fast education, consider online courses, as well.

Washington healthcare schools are as diverse as the people that seek them. There is not one best school, per se. It is all a matter of finding the right school for your needs. That means that you need to take the time to consider each program and what it can offer you so that you can get the education that you deserve. For technical positions, a certificate or associate’s degree program is perfect. If you go the extra mile for a bachelor’s degree or higher, you will be rewarded with many more job opportunities in the healthcare industry. Just make sure that you don’t wind up being overqualified for the career that you want.

Washington Healthcare Job Outlook and Salary

The average annual salary for healthcare practitioner and technical occupations in Washington was $74,350 in 2008, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. For healthcare support positions, which require little to no formal education, the average salary was around $30,000. Depending on the exact position that you’re interested in, you can find a range of salaries that you might expect to earn. For example, massage therapists in Washington can earn average salaries of $55,000 while dental assistants will only earn about $37,000 on average. It’s all dependent upon the specific career that you choose.

The healthcare industry is strong and growing steadily in the state of Washington. Nurses are in high demand, as are lab technicians and other technical positions. As the majority of those in the healthcare community get closer to retirement, more jobs will be demanded and more positions will be available. Add to that the projected growth for the healthcare industry in Washington state, and there is plenty of opportunity for career success once you’ve got your healthcare degree in hand.

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