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Trade & Vocational Schools in Washington

Guide to Washington Trade and Vocational Programs

If you’re looking for a vocational education in the state of Washington, you should have no issue finding it. There are a variety of programs to choose from, both online and in the classroom. If you are looking for that traditional learning environment, one of the following schools may help you out: Keller Graduate School of Management, Altierus Career College, Kaplan College, The Art Institutes, or the International Academy of Design and Technology. For the web-based opportunities, you can find programs through places like American Sentinel University, or Baker College Online. These options are becoming increasingly popular as the years pass because people are becoming more dependent on their computers as a means for everyday life. Education online just makes sense.

There are many different courses that you will come across when you go through a trade program. The ones that you take will be specifically related to the kind of work that you go into. Some classes focus on technology, while others focus on design. Schools typically focus around a certain sector of work, and the programs offered within are related in some way or another. Seek out a job that fits your interests so if you decide to change focuses, the ones you are around work with what you already know.

Washington Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

There is a positive job outlook for jobs that result from trade school studies. Blue collar workers are in constant demand because companies have a hard time filling those positions. Most people use this work as a starting point for their careers, so openings pop up rather frequently. It all depends on where you live as to how high the demand is for workers, but you should see availability all around. Blue collar work is recession proof because people always need workers to fill those positions.

The earning potential will vary based on what line of work you look into after graduation. If your job requires you to go into an apprenticeship program, you might only earn $15,000 a year for the duration of the program. After that though, numbers should double to $30,000 or more, depending on what you do. Very specialized jobs, like underwater welding, can earn more than $100,000 a year. They may require more in depth training, but it’ll be worth it. Some jobs may request that you continue onto a bachelor’s degree for additional schooling. It will be up to you if you wish to get such an education.

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