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Welding Training

Your online resource for welding training and career information. Trade and vocational programs like welding are always going to be in high demand. While much of this education comes in the form of on-the-job training and apprenticeship, there is training that can be done online or in the classroom to get a better sense of how the welding industry works and what types of careers are available to welders. There are a variety of levels of welding training available, from basic instruction to advanced welding and technical careers related to welding. With over 10 different types of training available, everyone can find what they are looking for in welding training. Training can last anywhere from just a few days to a few months or more, depending on how much instruction is sought and what types of training are completed. The average age of welders in the industry is 54, which proves the growing need for new professionals in the coming decade. There are programs for beginners as well as professional welders who are already on the job, allowing them to further their training in less time and a more flexible format.

Welding Schools