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Trade & Vocational Schools in West Virginia

Guide to West Virginia Trade and Vocational Programs

Sometimes a college education just isn’t necessary for the career that you want to go into. Rather than spending a ton of time and, more importantly, money on a college education, you could always look into programs offered by a local trade or vocational school. You also have the option to attend school online. You can find vocational training at a variety of institutes, but popular web-based places include American Sentinel University or Baker College Online.

Once you have selected a school to attend, your next step will be to assess the course work that will be involved. This will be a derivative of the type of work that you go into. A plumber would have no need for a metal works glass, and the only time a jeweler would look at a toilet would be for art inspiration. Simply put, you will be given classes that suit the education you need. Your program might last one to three years, depending on the specific needs of your specialization.

West Virginia Trade and Vocational Job Outlook and Salary

There is an abundant source of jobs for people who graduate from a trade school. Blue collar workers are always in demand as companies need them to fulfill simple entry level positions. Most people use these jobs to move on to higher paying ones, so there are availabilities arising all the time. If you are looking at some of those higher paying jobs yourself, you might want to consider furthering your education to a bachelor level. In doing this, you will be more desirable to your future employers.

When you think about the amount of money you earn, you must note that seniority will be a factor in your salary. As you spend more time with a company, you will obviously get paid more money. How much more depends on the company, but that is the general rule of thumb. There is also something to be said for location. Where you work will determine how high the demand is for that job in your area. More demand equates to more pay. Starting out you will most likely bring in less than $40,000 a year, but that will be determined by the job you hold.

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