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Wine & Spirits Management

Your online resource for Wine and Spirits Management and Career Information. Those who are in charge of managing wine and spirits will learn a variety of different services. These types of courses are often found in hospitality and foodservice industries, and designed specifically for people who are interested in wine and spirits. Students will learn things like history, wine making methods, laws regarding wine and spirits, importing and exporting of wines, food and wine pairing, wine tasting practices, and other related courses. They will also learn skills in communications, English, mathematics, and often even food science in order to get the best education for their career. People who hold degrees or certificates in wine and spirits management will find careers as wine managers at high-end restaurants or in retail operations. They can work as buyers, beverage servers and managers, and other careers within beverage services and restaurant operations. There will always be a need for beverage servers and those who know plenty about wine and spirits as long as there are bars, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and other establishments where beverages are served. The formal training only serves to improve employment prospects for students and recent graduates.

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