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Business Degrees in Wisconsin

Guide to Business Schools in Wisconsin

The obvious choice in Wisconsin business schools is the Wisconsin School of Business. However, if you want anything but ordinary, there are other options out there. Wisconsin might seem like a state that is all about cheese, but there are many other businesses and economic elements that make up this state. Educational opportunities abound for business education, including everything from administration to business analysis and more. You can choose from a variety of business related fields of study and even the types of programs that you attend.

These days, many people are turning to the world of online learning to help them get what they need. There are so many great options to fast track your education online, including many schools that are local to the area and plenty that are national online college programs. Business degrees can be sought in a technical or traditional college environment, and only you can choose what is best. Keep in mind that an MBA will get you further than a bachelor’s degree in Wisconsin business, as it would anywhere.

Wisconsin Business Job Outlook and Salary

Surprisingly, Wisconsin business professionals do quite well when it comes to the pay scale. Chief executives make nearly $160,000, which rivals that of the income earned in other states with higher wages and costs of living. Agents and buyers will average around $50,000 annually, lower level business careers will earn around $35,000 a year, and analysts and accountants can expect to earn an average of $60,000 annually in the state of Wisconsin. Given the quality of life here and the low cost of living, these salaries are sure to be a nice addition to any life.

The job outlook for Wisconsin’s business economy is stable if not showing growth potential. Besides the cold and the snow, Wisconsin has a lot to offer businesses that come here, including certain incentives for various businesses and a close proximity to Minnesota, which is a leader in business, trade, and transportation. There are many big companies that call Wisconsin home, and like the other states it is focusing on creating more high-tech jobs even with things like agriculture, ensuring that your business skills will be well employed in many different areas when you choose to work here. Although it’s not Chicago or New York City, Wisconsin isn’t the worst place in the world to pursue a business career.

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