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Cosmetology Schools in Wisconsin

Guide to Wisconsin Cosmetology Programs

The state of Wisconsin has a surprising number of cosmetology programs that you might look into. The state is sprinkled with academies like Empire Beauty Schools, Regency Beauty Institute, and Globe University. All of these schools are recognized on a national level for quality and value. Globe University also offers an online degree program for interested students, so you could learn right from your home computer. Similar programs can be found at the Minnesota School of Business and Lincoln College of Technology. Web based programs are actually pretty popular now because people are becoming more attached to their computers. As we continue to depend on technology, the demand for online education will remain on the rise.

The training in Wisconsin falls in line with that of the rest of the country. You will be able to get a lot of education in a short amount of time because you should only need nine months of training. After your schooling has been completed, you will get a chance to earn your license. This permits you to work in the state. You will eventually be able to get a job, at which time you will be asked to go through a few more weeks of training just to ensure that you know the specifics of the job. Then it is time to start making money!

Wisconsin Cosmetology Job Outlook and Salary

You are definitely in luck by choosing to go into cosmetology. This is a widely growing field and one that you can easily find great success in. Many people get a bit awe struck and assume that they will be able to get a job at the best salon in town. That, however, is usually not the case. You will most likely have to get a job at an entry level first, and then with experience you can build up a solid reputation.

Once you have secured a job, you will start to make money through your base pay, your tips, and your commission. The base pay may only be minimum wage, but the tips you earn could be far greater than that. Some cosmetologists end up making double the money that they should just in tips and commission. The national average for hourly pay in this field sits at $10.25, but that number has the flexibility mentioned before. After you get the right client list going, you should make a lot of money. It’s just a matter of where you work and how driven you are.

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