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Art & Design Degrees in Wyoming

Guide to Wyoming Art and Design Degrees

If you love creating works of art or are interested in learning how to preserve them, you may wish to pursue a degree in art and design. Wyoming has several notable colleges and universities that will allow you to hone your skills as an artist. This list of institutes includes Central Wyoming College, Northwest College, and the International Academy of Design and Technology. If you are not entirely satisfied with the offerings of any of these schools, you can always investigate the many degrees that are offered by online programs. These programs can be a solution to your problem if your schedule will not permit you to attend classes full time.

The classes that you will be required to take when pursuing your degree in art and design will vary according to your major and minor. You can expect to be required to take a core curriculum of classes that include math, English, and science. Depending upon the university you attend, you may be required to take additional courses in language or business. The classes you take as you become an upper classman will be focused solely on your major. A student who majors in Art History will have a different course load than a student who majors in Environmental Design.

Wyoming Art and Design Job Outlook and Salary

After you have received your degree in art and design, you will be ready to enter the workforce. The variety of careers available to you will be based upon your specialized field of study. If you work as an Art Historian, you will be responsible for preserving priceless, antique works of art. If you choose to work as a Graphic Designer, you may be responsible for designing the latest in animation and computer technology. The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics has estimated that there will be a 16% growth in the number of jobs available in these fields by 2012. Your geographic location is going to have an influence on the amount of jobs that are available in your field.

The majority of those who graduate with a degree in art and design wind up becoming self employed. It is estimated that 62% of graduates do. Your skills will have an effect upon your client base. However, as your client base grows, your income will increase as well. It is estimated that most people in the art and design field make around $60,000 a year. Your earning potential is based upon many variables. You can make a prosperous future for yourself with this degree.

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