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X Ray Technician Schools

Your online resource for X Ray Technician Schools and Career Information. X ray technician schools are in high demand right now. Through 2018, the career field is projected to see about 17% growth in available jobs and careers for those with certification in the radiological sciences. Education to become an X ray technician involves a certificate program that lasts 21-24 months or an associate or bachelor's degree that lasts 2-4 years. The associate degree is the most common degree obtained at x ray technician schools. The types of programs that are available vary greatly, but can be found all over the country. Federal legislation has regulations regarding the proper training of these technicians, but there is no actual mandate on licensure. Instead, it is up to each state to determine if their professional will be licensed and how. The ARRT, or American Registry of Radiologic Technologists, offers a certification process that is voluntary for technicians who want to register. If a professional is certified, there will be a requirement of 24 hours of CE credits every 2 years to maintain certification. Careers include work in hospitals, labs, urgent care facilities, and even in dental offices.

X-ray Technician Schools