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    • Reviewed By: Natasha S.

      I Have been attending VC since October 2010 and enjoyed it so far. I recently transfer over to VCO for personal reasons, so far so good. But to other former students of this school really not accredited by alot of different companies? I have been hearing this for awhile... read more

    • Reviewed By: Diana Smith.

      I am an RN student at the Newport News campus. Being former military and already having a bachelors degree I know the challenges of a fast paced education. I came here as a career switcher and I could not be happier with my decision. The program is hard and you... read more

    • Reviewed By: Rob S.

      Long story short: after being stuck in a dead-end job for 5 years out of high school I decided to advance my education, for multiple reasons. After shopping for trade schools I picked LCT in Melrose Park. I opted for the 11 month diploma program as an EST. 6... read more

    • Reviewed By: Ashley V.

      I studied in the Dental program at CCS and it was the best decision I ever made. Great teachers and staff. Everyone goes out of their way for you. I learned a ton and they helped me find a great job at a dental office. Definately... read more

    • Reviewed By: Bart C.

      I am very disappointed to be writing this review. I graduated from this school from the Accounting program. I have to say, the accounting program is the strongest program at this school in my opinion. One of the very BEST professors I have ever had was an accounting professor here... read more

    • Reviewed By: Richard J.

      I have hade a great time at this school and would recommend it to ant one that is a hard worker. if you are lazy or not able to commit to the work its not for you move on and shut up. all of my instructors have gone above the... read more

    • Reviewed By: C B.

      I guess like all other things in life, there will be differences of opinions. If you really put the effort into your schooling you will get what you want out of it. I have graduated form this school and been employed for 3 years now. success in my program lead... read more

    • Reviewed By: Erica Huffman.

      DO NOT GO TO THIS SCHOOL IT IS A SCAM!!!! Let me say that I have to remain anonymous because if they check this and see my name you will be surprised how they retaliate against you, trust me I know and have proof of this. Beware this is not... read more

    • Reviewed By: Talula p.

      This schoo is A TOTAL RIP OFF. They make you pay so much for medicore teaching and employees. The staff is horrible and tutution is a ripppp offf. I am a 3.9/4.0 student, on first honors and have perfect attendance awards. So im not a disgruntled person who has bad grades. THIS... read more

    • Reviewed By: Taylor L.

      My experiences with this school have been as expected. The admissions process is pushy and they rush you in the door only AFTER finding out what you hope to accomplish. As far as expensive, welcome to the for-profit world of higher education. I also have to wonder if the students... read more

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