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    Alliant International University
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    • Reviewed by: Chad H
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      I know a guy that still currently uses and abuses drugs that goes to Alliant International University in Irvine and he is in the PsyD in Marital and Family Therapy program. He works as a therapist providing therapy to drug addicts at the Jail in Orange County, CA. I?m concerned that he can be harming his already sick clients because he is still using and abusing drugs. He is still using LSD and Mescaline along with other drugs on a weekly to bi-weekly basis at weekend parties and at his home. He is supposed to be a recovered Meth Addict, but I don?t really know for certain. Isn?t it Alliant International University?s responsibility to keep track of dangerous therapists like him? It looks like I?m going to have to write a letter to whomever overseas therapists and psychologists to see if there is anything they can do to stop this person from harming his clients with his unethical drug addicted behaviors.

      I also know another person that applied to Alliant International University and she is also a drug and alcohol recovering addict, and she said that they admitted her to their doctoral programs right away. She applied for 2 of their doctoral programs while Alliant International University accepted her right away (almost instantly) even when they knew about her ?previous drug and alcohol addiction.? My family, co-workers, and friends had a discussion about Alliant and how they are admitting primarily people from drug and alcohol addiction backgrounds, and that are still addicted to their drugs and alcohol, which makes me question how ethical and moral Alliant is. Alliant International University?s practices are apparently unethical and immoral because how can they admit people that say ?they are recovered drug and alcohol addicts? when they aren?t recovered and are still abusing and using drugs and alcohol? I know too much about who and what Alliant International University admits into their programs, and it is appalling to see that they admit alcohol and drug addicts into their program that are still currently using and abusing right behind the Alliant?s back. What is even more devastating is that these therapists are supposed to be ?helping? the drug and alcohol addicts to recover when the therapist is not even recovered himself. This is incredibly unethical, disappointing, and saddening.

      It doesn?t surprise me that Alliant International University in Irvine (or in whatever city they?re located) admits students that are currently drug and/or alcohol addicted individuals. Alliant is not a good school. If you?re thinking about applying to graduate schools to be a counselor/therapist/psychologist or for anything then you?d benefit more by applying to a better school. My co-workers, family, and friends, and I have discussed this topic at length and have come to the conclusion that it may be difficult, but study and work harder to get A+ in classes that you think the admissions team will care more about. It is also wise to study and take the GRE because many of the graduate schools still require those scores simply as a formality, but don?t factor them into the admissions decision making process. In other words, your GRE scores don?t matter, yet they are still required in the admission decision making process at many universities.

      Basically, attending Alliant International University is not advised! Run away from this ?school?! Run far away! Save yourself their lack of morality and ethics!

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    • Reviewed by: CJ P
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      I have to agree with most of what JT D. said. The school is outdated, the buildings are old, and the "so called" leaders of the university claim they are doing better financially each year, but continually lay off staff and make cuts to student departments and student resources. Thus far, my tuition as gone up three times. What have I seen from this increase? They removed the student book store so you now have to get all of your books online. To make matters worse, you rarely know what books you need in enough time to order them and have them ready for your first day of class. Their computers are outdated, their internet is slow, so working online at campus is extremely difficult (you are better off going to Starbucks). They keep laying off staff so getting help is almost impossible as no one seems to know what their job role is, or now has to do the work load of three different people so they all act like they don't have time for you. That is if anyone even bothers to get back to you. Do not call, leave messages, or email. They won't bother to get back to you. If you try to go in person, they tell you to make an appointment.

      Now here is where I disagree with the above post. There may be a handful, at best, of good professors at the university, but most are clueless or too busy feeding their own ego to teach much of anything. I had one class that was based off of an actual case file and your final grade was solely based on your group report of it. Sounds great except for the fact we were not allowed to even look at the case file until week 3 of an 8 week class. Seeing as our report was due on week 8, that left us 4 weeks to do the work of a 16 week course compacted into 8 weeks. When we complained about the time constraints, the professor told us this is how it is in the work field so we need to deal. She offered to let us view it outside of class, but seeing as her outside office hours were non-existent, that made this feat next to impossible.

      Overall, they have no clue what they are doing, their student population has decreased each year I have been there (for obvious reasons), and somehow still boast about being a "professional practice university." Yeah, if their long term goal is complete failure, then they sure are on the right track. It is easy to brag about small class sizes when you drive all your existing students away and make it so difficult to apply and process a student, most don't even bother to enroll.

      Yeah, this was the worse two years of my life and I ended up going somewhere else. Overall review, a waste of time and money.

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    • Reviewed by: JT D
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      Love the small class sizes. The faculty in my courses were all either currently working in, or have worked, in a related field which added real world experience to the classroom. Professors often give students their own personal phone numbers and email addresses and I have never had any trouble getting in contact with or additional assistance from a professor. That is where my positive experience ends. Tuition is continually on the rise, but I see no improvements for the student life or education. So where is this extra money going? Not to make my experience any better that is for certain. Heaven forbid you actually have a problem, because you will be redirected across campus three times and have to speak to multiple people and then be lucky if your original question is answered. The departments are more inclined to maintain their bitterness toward one another than actually collaborate to help a student in need. The University recently scored a 1.4 on the Department of Education's financial responsibility scale which basically means they are considered to be financially irresponsible. So while my tuition goes up, the University leaders are poorly managing student money and apparently have no accountability to do so. Do yourself a favor, as long as Geoffrey M. Cox is president at this University, go somewhere else!!!

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